Features & Structure

Global News application is available for all Android and iPhone users. It makes easy for everyone to read news at anytime, anywhere.

Features of news search with category & location wise. It feels users to get what they want easily.

Global News includes feature for all journalists, photographers & video editors to upload their story on application.

About Global News

Global News is a mobile application for iPhone and Android users. It is a free mobile based app to read news from any area of the world. The global News application includes free registration feature to get more features as story, uploading, commenting and feedback. Once user registered on the application they can perform roles as news readers, journalist, photographer and video editor. Registered user can upload news story by adding Title of story, Location, News description & photo or video related to news. Thus, it is very easy to upload story on Global News. Now, stories will be reviewed and cleared as news stories and make sure that the stories published are not pornographic, child abuse or racist. The “Point of View” of GN POV is the “street” where the public stories take place and where contemporary journalists can capture news as it is happening wherever in the world it is happening.

Once a story is uploaded and published, it remains on the server of GN and has advertising attached to it. Our business model for journalists is very simple: of 100% of the revenue derived from any story in terms of advertising and/or licensing to third parties for syndication, 50% of the revenue is paid to the content creator—the journalist and 50% are retained by GN. The more popular the story, the more revenue it may generate in terms of views and thus the more revenue for the creator.

Journalists need to register for an account on GN. GN will maintain servers outside of the US and UK and seek to keep any news gathering and distribution independent of government interference. Additionally, GN offers payments that can be received separate from the accounts so as to allow journalists to publish controversial material with a separate or withheld identity and still have payment available to them.